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Reviews and Testimonials

I was terrified to put my kids in daycare a few years ago, but bringing them to Generations was the best decision we could have made.  Our kids learn so much there and they love all of the teachers!  These teachers have made such positive, influential impacts, on both of my children.  I know that they both really enjoy going to PCG every day for school!  The decisions that the Directors make, are always thinking of the children's best interests, which I highly appreciate.  PCG is a great Child Care Center and we totally appreciate the care and support that they have provided over the years.

Katie L. -Landisburg Center and SACC

PCG has welcomed us with open arms from day 1.  We came from a previous Child Care that would not accomodate my son's medical condition, Asthma.  When I first toured PCG Shermans Dale, I was blown away by the fact that they were already set-up to accomodate medical conditions.  They have Medication Log Sheets that they fill out everytime his medication is administered and they already had proper knowledge of how to use his inhaler!  My son has had fewer asthma flare ups in the last year and a half just because of this accomodations.  Each and every staff members has shown nothing but care and love for our family.  I couldn't be anymore thankful for PCG.

Shannon R. -Shermans Dale Center

Both of my children have been in PCG's care since 2017.  The Directors are organized and communicate effectively.  The classrooms are clean and safe.  They have a great Early Education Program and offer creative, learning activities, for the kids.  Most importantly, my kids like going there because they genuinely love their teachers and feel that the teachers love them too!  Everyone is so kind and caring! Thank You PCG!

Casey R. -Shermans Dale Center and SACC

Amazing Child Care, Preschool and School Age Programs!  All 3 of my children have been with PCG from 8 weeks through Preschool and will continue to attend their School Age Program.  PCG has become an extension of our family.  My children love going to school every day, never a tear or complaining about going.  The teachers engage the kids and have wonderful active learning activities to make learning fun and enjoyable for the kids and ensure that they are fully prepared for Kindergarten and beyond.  PCG is committed to providing a safe, fun, loving environment and I am extremely happy to have found such a wonderful place for my kids learn and grow in such an important time in their life.

Kayla B. -Landisburg Center and Summer SACC

We started at PCG after the COVID-19 Pandemic hit and Child Care Centers were finally able to re-open.  Around this time, we also found out that our daughter has Celiacs Disease.  This is a challenging, because she cannot have even a crumb of gluten.  The PCG Owners, Director and Teachers have gone above and beyond to accomodate my daughter and keep her safe and healthy.  I can't express how grateful I am that my daughter is able to attend a Child Care where she is loved, cared for and is receiving a wonderful education.

Jackie M. -Landisburg Center

When touring facilities for my Child Care needs, I have always had the highest of standards to ensure that my children are receiving high quality care, substantial sanitization and cleaning protocols, along with an educationally based, developmentally appropriate program that provides valuable assessments and feedback.  PCG has met my high standards and has built a fantastic program, along with consistently striving to be a top STARS rated facility.  They have provided an exceptional standard of care and maintain open lines of communication with parents/caregivers.  The staff are always nurturing and attentive while managaing stringent COVID-19 protocols.  I would highly reccomend the facility to anyone needing Child Care and am confident that your experience will be a positive as my family has experienced.

Megan W. -Shermans Dale Center

PCG is a wonderful, affordable Child Care.  Most think "I can't afford Child Care" and go with private babysitters.  As a single Mom, PCG is very reasonable and you aren't getting a babysitter.  You are getting your child prepared for school and giving them the interaction with their peers that they will need.  Now that my child is older, she is in the SACC Program, the Staff make sure that they get on and off the bus safely, while still having as much fun as they did when they were toddlers.  The Summer SACC Program always has fun activities, games, crafts etc. to keep the kids engaged and having fun!

Jennifer M. -Shermans Dale SACC/Summer Program

The Staff are amazing and very helpful.  If you ever have any questions they are always willing to answer them or find out the answer and get back to you.  If your kiddo had a tough morning, you can call and check in with their teacher and they will let you know how your child is doing.  One of my favorite things about PCG is that they take the time to post pictures of the kids so you can see what they're up to, and they really help the kids with whatever activities they are doing.

Tasha W. -Shermans Dale Center

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